We Believe

Ship Product Every Day

We move fast and break things. But don’t worry as each pixel is refined and every line of code considered.

We use modern technologies and tools, integrating with cutting edge services, to deliver awesome outcomes for our customers.

Our products are used by millions of customers of the SEEK Group - this covers over 4 billion people, in 19 countries in multiple languages. The work we do makes a difference! Every. Single. Day.

Trust Each Other

We look after each other. From supporting the team as we work on fast paced projects, to travelling to work side by side with colleagues across the globe.

We fuel our team on free coffee and snacks while they write code. We send joke emails if you leave your computer unlocked. We crunch sometimes, but we stay together as a team to push to get the job done right. We go for weekend retreats to build our relationship. We go for (paid for) long lunches our dinners to celebrate our successes!

Done Is Better Than Perfect

As much as we are perfectionist, we are also people of action. Never wasting too much time to document every single requirement, we justify our priorities and make trade-offs. We move quickly to show for our work daily through continuous integration and delivery.

With quality and security always in mind, we build in first, then we test and validate what we have done in the market. Finally, we iterate from there.

Make Stuff Happen

We focus on outcome. Whenever there is a good idea, we’d love to try it out. Failure is part of the process. We learn from it, we improve our approaches and we make more stuff happen! If you love trying out new ideas and approaches, this is the place for you.

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