Building a global platform to help candidates find and share trusted information about companies

When candidates are looking for jobs, they are also looking for the right company.

JobSeeker Company Profile's page interface

Before Company Profile Page, candidates had to seek out and rely on a number sources of information, both online and offline to get reliable and insightful information about working in a company.

Company Profile Page provides job candidates with insights on what it is like to work in a company by collecting and displaying information such as:

  • Company profile which includes general information about the company
  • Review where employees share the good as well as the challenging aspects of working in a company
  • Ratings across many different metrics such as approval rate, salary range, stress level, career development, etc.
  • Jobs available in the company
JobSeeker Company Profile's mobile interface

This product is currently available in Mexico, Brazil, Australia, and a few countries in South East Asia, touching the lives of more than a billion people.

Given the varied and huge amount of data coming onto our platform, our engineers are constantly developing new tools to analyse and aggregate all the information as we work to deliver company insights to job candidates in a personalised and insightful way.

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