Building the most effective education marketplace in Brazil for both students and providers.

We believe Education is an important tool to change the world!

Education Advice interface

The Education Advice provides real information about Universities, Courses to the students and alumni view. We would like to provide a good experience for new students to discover, compare and enrol in a relevant course.

Education Advice mobile interface

The goal of this product is to provide deep, actionable insights on how education options can benefit a candidate's career.

Our Features:

  • Discover; Through our website the students can figure it out the new course and providers options;
  • Compare; All data are organised in the same pattern to provide a simple and good user experience;
  • Check; Our pages have a unique content generated by students and alumni;
  • Analyse; This is a good place to students and universities assess the rates and indicators in order to compare all courses and providers;
  • Buy; after compare the student can select his option and pay less to enrol for start his course.

The first brand that will receive the Education Advice will be Catho in Brazil in 2017. This is only the beginning.

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