Building a Global Platform to help candidates make better-informed career decisions

Role Insights provides salary information, career pathways, skills in demand from hirers, market trends and relevant job opportunities, to give candidates a deeper understanding of what makes up each role and the pathways they can take.

Before Role Insights candidates had to seek out and rely on a number sources of information, both online and offline to get reliable and insightful role advice.

Role insight's page interface

The GDP produced product is making a material difference to candidates by helping provide clarity for relevant role, salary and next career steps – with the following features:

  • Average advertised salary for roles; which is a great benchmarking tool for candidates to help them understand what they’re worth in the market, or if they’re currently under or over paid on the market average
  • How quickly roles are filled; informing the candidate if there is likely a lot of competition for these roles
  • What keywords are trending on the CV’s of candidates applying for similar roles; this can help identify what the candidate could include in their CV to standout. It also gives insight to the experience that others applying have, allowing the candidate to compare themselves against other candidates
  • Frequently used keywords in job ads for similar roles; this gives candidates a quick view as to what requirements hirers are typically looking for, an easy way to see if the candidates is qualified for the role
  • Roles people move to after working in a particular role; a fantastic career pathway insight allowing candidates to see what job they could potentially move to
  • Hear from people already in this type of job; the ability to create conversation amongst candidates by sharing valuable experience

The project was a really fun and technically challenging scope of work for the team, with a number of unique and complex problems to solve, including working with large and disparate data sets. Building a centralised responsive experience that can be configured quickly for different geographic locations has been invaluable personal experience for all team members.

Role insight's mobile interface

Building a version of the product for our Mexican partner OCC in Spanish has also been a great test for the team, and demonstrates how GDP really is a Global Delivery Pod.

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