Full Stack Engineer (AWS)

The Role

At SEEK International (GDP) we have comfy seats waiting for curious minds and passionate folk for all things technology. As a Full-Stack Engineer (AWS) you will be charged with developing, maintaining and supporting high quality, consumer facing product, with a focus on developing and supporting a DevOps culture through practices like Continuous Integration/Delivery, in order to produce highly automated, reliable,and efficient deployment solutions for software and infrastructure. Take pride in watching your work be used by millions of people each and every day, while you focus on constantly challenging and improving everything we do.

Key Responsibilities

  • Work as a member of one of our delivery teams, helping with infrastructure and deployment automation, as well as code development and delivery.

  • Promote and drive DevOps culture and practices.

  • Roll up your sleeves and get involved in early inception stage process of new software delivery initiatives.

  • Identify opportunities to automate and build quality and compliance in everything SEEK do.

  • Develop, coach and mentor our next crop of full-stack engineers.

Essential Skills, Experience and Competencies

  • Linux.

  • Scripting and general programming (JavaScript, Python…).

  • TeamCity, CircleCI.

  • Deep AWS experience, especially around automation and security.

  • 5+ years commercial experience working in Agile Development and Operations delivery cycles. Previous development experience will be highly regarded.

  • 2+ years’ experience working with AWS through scripting and automation.

  • At least 2 years team leadership experience mentoring teams, whilst engaging both with Business and IT stakeholders.

  • A passion for driving change. We want a leader that has vision and ideas and is not afraid to challenge, influence and communicate them.

  • A servant-leader mindset.

  • Excellent communication and negotiation skills are a must, as is the ability to adapt and thrive in a dynamic, multi-cultural, and distributed Agile environment.

  • Diversified experience across various technologies and environments and an ability to work within different constraints and environments will be ideal.

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